With the new normal of social distancing, self-isolating, and remote working becoming widely adopted, there’s been a shift in the market from the supply and demand side, due to which the usual marketing paradigms are taking a hit. For brands and marketers navigating the COVID-19 crisis, simply reaching the customer has become a challenge. 

Mark Lieberman, President and CEO, Viamedia says,

“Stay relevant to the consumer’s needs today that means reassuring them about how your company/brand is responding to the pandemic.”

On the other hand, 

Andrew Walker, the CEO, Shift7 Digital, is saying

“First, an overall theme to your strategy: KEEP GOING! Moving your brand even more online will keep you connected to your customers and enable a unified customer experience”.

With a lot of noise on what to do and what not to do we have come up with some key changes that marketers must get used to, to make the best out of the current pandemic.

5 Key Shifts in Marketing during COVID-19

Content marketing

55% of our community members feel that investing in content marketing during COVID-19 is the right way to go ahead during these tough times.

Content marketing is something that has always been evergreen and used by brands to support their products. But during this pandemic, there is a new world that you are marketing and selling in. It is with lighter sales-free content that one should set themselves up for the long term. 

This could be either Educational, Infotainment so on and so forth. 

Let’s take Ahrefs for example.

Owing to this pandemic, Ahrefs decided to offer their “Blogging for Business” course for free. This is normally an $800 course! While they are missing out on the short term revenue, the long term impact of this will be huge.

It all comes down to adding value right now and the most important thing brands need to understand is that opportunities are out there – no matter what industry you are in.

Content marketers are only limited by their own creativity.

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

23% of our community members feel that marketers should consider investing in Social Media during these tough times. 

There has been a huge uptick in content consumption via Social Media channels. And according to eMarketer, Facebook saw a 70% increase in usage of all of its apps in the month of March. People are indeed turning to these apps to keep them entertained and informed while most of them spend time staying at home. 

I feel, now is time for brands to explore different forms of content on social media channels. Be it Video, UGC, Podcasting or trying out some cool stuff with new functionalities for engagement like polls on Instagram/ Facebook and LinkedIn.

P.S: Let us for a while not stick with our old messaging and pretend it’s still business as usual. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Virtual Events(Webinars/Live Stream)

The biggest question a couple of months ago for all the marketers out there was, what should I do, where should I pivot. With zero possibilities of Trade shows and Conferences, where will all those marketing dollars and budgets go? 

Virtual Events(Webinars/Live Stream)

And as it turned out Webinars have caught the eye. One of our community members Uday Dey says in quote ‘I have attended more than 150 webinars during this Lockdown’

Brands have done a tremendous job thus far in providing good content through webinars. But is it providing the same level of output as organising an In-house conference? Are we moving up the funnel in terms of engagement with prospects?

I’ll let that for you though 😀

Influencer Marketing 

Most of us consider influencer marketing to be going down during this quarantine. But with brands shifting their focus to be more sensitive, are leveraging social influencers to spread the message of safety and health for them. Also with production houses shut and no traditional content currently being made, the only way by which brands are spreading the right kind of information is through Influencers. 

Influencer Marketing

Consumers expect brands to remain sensitive and provide them with more information in this crisis, and brands are doing the same thing with influencers.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising right now should be like – focus less on conversions and build campaigns to drive awareness and engagement. With a lot of the big brands like Adidas, CocaCola and Unilever refusing to spend money on digital advertising. We can see a lot more audiences are up for grabs as people have more time at home and are spending it via the Internet. 

Although most of them might just be ‘browsing audience’, with the right kind of messaging this might just be the right time for smaller brands to capitalise and create awareness around their offerings. 

Digital Advertising

Community engagement for Digital Advertising.

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