It’s about using the right tools, with the right triggers, within a proper marketing framework, that makes a difference

— Vishen Lakhiani

The art of Growth Marketing /hacking requires one to try and test creative, data-driven tactics that consider the unique wants, pain points, and questions of users throughout the buying funnel. During this journey, some marketers can find difficulties in keeping track of their end goal. We all have been there wherein we are stuck at our work because of something and then comes this super saver — our ‘Superman’ tool which makes things easier for us. We have also seen people auto-piloting their works. Since they rely too much on a particular tool and their life has been super easy. We also wanted to curate such a list of tools/products/snippets which is helping our fellow community folks.

Here is a list of tools and products recommended by seasoned growth marketers/ Hackers. This list should be a must-have for all Marketers out there to better optimize your marketing efforts.

  • Zendesk
  • Canva
  • Google analytics
  • SEMRush
  • Google Ads
  • Linkedin and TikTok
  • Grammarly
  • Answer the public
  • FB ads
  • CloudApp and ‘Sketch’


Zendesk has been voted to be a premium cloud-based customer service application by most of our marketers. It is designed in such a way to improve communication between the company and its customers. Our fellow Growth Folk Siddharth Dwivedi says that he is in love with this because they gave his company a $200 startup credit!



Canva has been a major breakthrough for non-designers who are supposed to give out engaging content on a regular basis. With its easy to use features and functionality, this platform allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, etc. And no wonder most of our people (SaakshiNishit Mehrotra) have chosen Canva over others to be their Valentine!


Google Analytics

Our very own Megha Gulati says that google analytics has been an addiction to her for long time. She also mentioned that it would require a lot of effort to change her mind for this valentine’s day. :))

Google Analytics, has indeed made our lives much more comfortable by giving us an all in one tool to better understand our customers.

Google analytics


Our fellow growth marketer Soumyadip Banerjee says that he is a big fan of SEMRush. This is because, right from providing SEO toolkit to Content writing Assistant to Social Media automation & tracking to Ad builder, SEMRush is an all in one tool for companies who are looking to go full-on into growth mode.

SEM Rush

Google Ads

We Growth Marketers feel that though google ads give kick-ass results for our ad campaigns, it is becoming expensive day by day. Karthik B R also mentions that the more love he shows towards that, the emptier his pockets look. Asim Virani also adds to this by saying that this platform has huge potential to showcase our messages at the right time to our right prospects with the right message/offer.

Google Ads
Google ads

LinkedIn and TikTok

LinkedIn and TikTok with some amazing organic reach are becoming the next big thing for all our growth marketers. Hisham Abdul Kareem seconds this and says that he would even go on a double date with both of them.

Linkedin And TikTok


Grammarly has now become everyone’s favorite because it has made the art of writing that much simpler with improved usage Of Words, Spelling, and Punctuation. It has indeed made everyone’s writing flawless! Our Growth Folks member Kritika Kamra says that she just adores that small dot which rotates at the end of every sentence to keep a check on her errors.


Answer the Public

It is nothing but a keyword tool that visualizes search questions and suggested autocomplete searches in an image called a search cloud. One of our active members Ayushi Bothra says that she would choose this to be her valentine because it gives good long tail (almost conversational keywords) for SEO/ writing content.

Ask The Public

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Cloud app and Sketch

Ankita Tripathi has come up with a couple of unique suggestions to try out. Cloud app is an instant video and image sharing platform for professionals. It is one of the fastest ways to capture and embed video, webcam, GIFs, screencasts and marked up images throughout business workflows.

And Sketch is a vector-based tool used primarily for designing the UI and UX of mobile apps and web.

Cloud app & Sketch

These were the highlights which summarise the discussion that happened in our GrowthFolks group on the eve of Valentine’s day The folks who have shared their views are themselves the Growth Marketers/Hackers. We would like to thank all of them for sharing these valuable growth learnings. And a big thanks to Sujith Ayyappan who has helped me to put down these points and made it a successful blog.

Are we missing any important point here? It’s a community-driven blog, if you have anything to add, do put down your thoughts in the comment section and it will be updated here.

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