Marketing is all about finding innovative ways to connect to people. Marketers are forever on the lookout for means to connect with their target audience, while at the same time increasing their brand’s standing in the public eye. Moment marketing is a means to accomplish both these goals with a single campaign.

Moment marketing involves using news, events, or trends in campaigns to evoke spontaneous interactions with the audience. It essentially makes the brand easy to search on social media in addition to increasing brand recall.

Speed is the key in these types of campaigns and companies have to act lightning fast to capture the essence of the moment. This is how brands manage to insert themselves in the ongoing conversations. While moment marketing does involve capitalising on current trends, it doesn’t mean that brands should talk about each and everything that goes viral. The key is to talk only about those things to which the brand relates to.

Let’s look at the top 5 bosses in moment marketing and how they have used the concept to their maximum advantage:


The OTT giant has used moment marketing like none before. Take for instance its recent Instagram post captioned “Sacred Birthdays” that wishes Pankaj Tripathi, Radhika Apte and Anurag Kashyap on their September birthdays in  a Sacred Games themed banner.

Netflix’s Instagram campaign over celebrity birthdays

Then there was the crossover between the “Rasode mein kaun tha” meme and its show, Peaky Blinders that garnered huge audience interaction for Netflix.

Peaky Bliners - Netflix
Netflix’s crossover between Peaky Blinders and ‘Rasode me kaun tha’

Netflix has also capitalized heavily on social distancing and the lockdown by promoting tweets which urge people to stay indoors and stream Netflix. It is hard to find a better moment marketing strategy in these times, don’t you agree?


The pioneer of moment marketing campaigns in India, Amul has been running thousands of topical ads since 1966, making it the longest-running outdoor advertising campaign in the world. Hats off to Amul’s creative team which is known for capitalising on the day’s headlines, issuing new and witty ads starring Amul’s iconic “utterly butterly girl”.

Amul - Exit the Dragon!
Amul’s pro-India Campaign

The brand has not been afraid to take a stand for issues ranging from politics to sports to celebrity deaths.  These witty campaigns made the Amul girl a pop-culture phenomenon, who received cult status across Asia. The idea behind the Amul campaigns, especially around a sociopolitical context is that they have no bias. Some of its recent campaigns include, bidding farewell to Dhoni

Amul - Well Done, MSD!

and welcoming Amitabh Bachchan after he recovered from COVID.

Amul - AB beats C!


Durex has always been ahead of its competitors towards creating a buzz in the market with its quirky campaigns. It targets customers in the age group 18-30 who are young and at the beginning of their sex lives. Its campaigns are aimed at tackling the stigmas of and creating a positive depiction about sex.

Some of its recent innovative campaigns include:

“Let’s not go back to normal”


and, “Netflix and chill.”

Durex and Netflix

Both of these capitalise on the current times and have received huge audience interactions for them.

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Zomato’s social media campaigns have always stirred up storms and brought in their customers’ attention towards the brand. They attempt to strike a chord with the users by making use of special moments, news and occasions. The #OrderForMom campaign which it launched for mother’s day is a prime example of this. It superbly portrays the underlying emotion of ‘caring for the one who cares for you the most’.

Zomato - Mother Day

In its recent TV ad, Zomato has shown a mother approving food safety levels of the platform and allowing her son to order online. These and other innovative attempts have been made to speed up revival of food delivery during the current times.

Zomato - COVID19

Burger King

As far as bold and spontaneous ads are concerned, Burger King takes the cake. Consider, for example it’s ‘moldy whopper’ campaign wherein the brand displayed it’s burger gradually decomposing. This was a move to capitalize on the industry’s trend of moving away from preservatives.

Burger King

Another smart campaign by BK was “A day without whopper” campaign where Burger King encouraged the public to buy from their competitor, McDonald’s to support McDonald’s attempts of raising money for cancer research.

Buger King X McDonalds

Honourable mentions

Oreo‘s Dunk in the Dark


Paytm‘s campaign on demonetization wherein their tweet read “We have got two words for you: Paytm karo”

Adidas –  All in or Nothing


Amazon Prime‘s – New Year resolution

Amazon Prime Video

McDonald’s – Iconic Days campaign which divides times of day into minimalist artwork


and its women’s day campaign where it inverted its trademark M.

McDonalds' Women's Day Campaign

Moment marketing is a cost-effective strategy that drives sales by making content viral and promoting spontaneous interaction with the audience. Its key advantage lies in hooking the audience momentarily because of its contextual content, thus promoting strong brand recall. It depends on the marketer’s versatility to make the most out of this fantastic and contemporary technique.

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