Why Lead Magnets?

You must be thinking, why are lead magnets dominating the marketing industry? Why does almost every brand have at least one lead magnet for its website visitors?

Simple answer: It’s effective.

A lead magnet is a smart approach that ensures lead generation, while also keeping the target audience satisfied. With countless brands out there and tons of offers to subscribe floating around, no one will provide their emails unless they see something worthwhile in the brand offering. This is where lead magnets come into play. By offering the target audience something valuable, such as an e-book or, a free coupon over email, not only does the brand get the target’s email id but the brand image is also imprinted in the target’s mind.

If the material offered is relevant, lead magnets promote engagement between the brand and its target audience. Long-term involvement can also be achieved through episodic offerings, which will ultimately boost your company’s brand value.

Another very relevant advantage of lead magnets is that they rope in quality leads. If you are offering relevant content to the audience along the lines of what your brand has to offer, then only those people will respond who have a genuine interest in your product/service offering.

We recently conducted a poll on the Growth Folks group to see which lead magnet has actually worked for our community members.

Best Lead Magnets

Here are 5 of the best lead magnets that you can leverage to your advantage:


While everything ultimately boils down to content, this category includes offerings like reports, white papers, infographics, research papers, PPTs etc. Anything that can be easily consumed and would add to the audience’s knowledge, will work. Through the content that you provide, you can essentially reiterate your Unique Value Proposition(UVP) in the minds of the target audience. Just make sure to include as many visual elements as possible in your free content. Remember, the more visuals, the easier your content is to digest.

Webinars and podcasts:

You can do frequent webinars or podcasts to hook your audience and generate valuable leads for your company. When you share your expertise through various channels, your audience eventually learns to trust your brand on issues relating to what you offer them on a daily basis. Management consulting firms, for example, hold webinars on a regular basis to share their findings and knowledge on relevant issues. A podcast provides a regular connection with the audience and the ability to reach a larger audience.

Templates and Worksheets:

The best thing about templates- anything can be templatized, and people need templates for almost everything. You can have templates for project management plan, activities to boost creativity, brainstorming, brand strategizing, building a content plan; whatever it is that your organisation is into you can make templates for it. The same goes for worksheets when the subject in question is more numeric in nature. The best thing is that the audience loves these resources and it provides them with immense satisfaction to use one that has been prepared by experts.


A really popular resource that the target audience always looks for. Everyone is eager to learn how the experts do it and toolkits give the audience exactly what they want. Be it the “Complete toolkit to drive your online marketing” or the “Advanced tool kit for webpage design”, toolkits are catchy and attract the right kind of audience to your brand. Another valuable addition to the toolkit is an online demonstration of how to effectively use the toolkit through a simple video.

Lead magnets used in e-commerce:

If you are an eCommerce site then there are certain things that would work far better for you and draw in larger crowds. Offers and discounts for instance, are the best ways to ensure that you are noticed. A lot of E-commerce companies use promotional offers or referral discount for maximum benefit. The public loves it when they manage to save some cash out right.

Free shipping or home delivery is another attractive option that e-commerce sites offer which gives them an advantage over their competitors. These count as lead magnets since the satisfied customers through word-of-mouth manage to evangelize the brand and draw in more customers.

Above all you should keep in mind that

A.    Your lead magnet must offer something that provides your audience real value.

B.    It must be something that can be easily received through email.

The core idea behind a lead magnet is to compensate the target for the engagement they show towards your brand. The goal is not momentary lead generation but long-term engagement that fosters brand loyalty.

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